As of now, 40 million Americans have lost their jobs, and tens of millions have lost their health insurance.  No average unemployed person I know can afford their COBRA premiums, and losing

health insurance during a pandemic can literally be a death sentence.


The time for America’s employer-based health system has come to an end.  We pay far more than any country in the world and get less coverage than the rest of the industrialized world.   Medical bankruptcy and pre-existing condition exclusions from coverage are things that only happen in America.  Our current system is in a death spiral of unaffordability for all.


We can do better.  Health care is a human right, it is time to completely overhaul how Washington, and America, insures its citizens.  I am a Whole Washington supporter and a supporter of National Medicare for all, and insuring all Washingtonians, regardless of employer have inclusive medical coverage.