Ryan Johnson

Candidate for WA 39th LD State Representative(D)

Finding Common Ground to

Strengthen Communities

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Putting My Essential Worker

Experience to Work for YOU

I’m Ryan Johnson, and I’m running to be your State Representative. I have been a resident of Skagit and Snohomish Counties for 22 years. I’ve lived in the 39th LD since 2003: 13 years in Granite Falls, and 3.5 in Arlington.

I’m a Navy Veteran.  In 1995 I moved to WA from Illinois where my family owns a 100+ Acre Centennial Farm to be a Navy Jet Mechanic stationed at NAS Whidbey Island.  I continued to work as an Aircraft Mechanic for a few years after Honorable Discharge from the Navy at the end of my enlistment and eventually married and decided to start a family here in Washington.

I’ve been a commercial Truck Driver since 2001, and a proud Teamster since 2004.  I have probably already met many of you by delivering to your homes or businesses.  The 39th is one of my routes and my geographic knowledge of the 39th is extensive.  I intend to be a Legislator for the whole district, not just the area close to my home. When the legislative session is over, I’m going right back to work, so I will be in the district both as a Legislator and as a Truck Driver in your community.  

I have been a member of our school district community advisory committees as much as work schedules have allowed.  I’m dedicated to helping our schools continue to become they best they can be.  I volunteer with the Snohomish County Labor Council “Trade Up” demonstrating trucking skills to High School Students throughout Snohomish County.  I am an amateur union and political historian, and avid reader of political current events.

I believe as a country we place too much stress on political issues that don’t need to be such an extreme.  Transportation, Rural Broadband Internet Access, Affordable and Accessible Childcare, Affordable Housing, and School Security affect all of us, these issues need to be a priority for the common good of all our communities.

As a Legislator, my job is to be open and honest with you, and be 100% customer service focused.  If you have an issue that you want to speak to me about, I’ll listen.  If you want me to come see your issue; I’m on my way.  My job as a Legislator is to listen, solve problems, and take the politics out of policy.   If you feel one party or the other has ignored you, I understand that completely. I feel the same way.  I’m here to end that.